Enrollment Services Virtual Front Desk

Virtual Front Desk

Current Students (Enrolled in the Current Semester)

The Office of the Registrar Virtual Front Desk is available to assist current students with general questions about SDSU registration, evaluation services, and campus resources. Review the Contact Us and Office Hours section of the Registrar's website for details.

Prospective and Admitted Students

If you are a prospective or admitted student, please contact the Office of Admissions team that is applicable to you.

Campus Closures

Holidays and Campus Closures

Due to campus holidays and office closures, this office will be closed on the following dates:

2024: January 1, January 15, April 1, May 27, June 19, July 4, September 2, November 11, November 28–29, December 24–27

2025: January 1, January 20, March 31, May 26, June 19, July 4, September 1, November 11, November 27–28, December 23–26